Viewing past activities

I would like to be able to see past reports from old activities. I can see the summary but not the detail which you see initially. Can you add this in?

You would use Strava, TrainingPeaks or another 3rd party app to do this. 

There maybe updates that will add additional metrics to the rides listed on Zwift website, but this is better handled by a 3rd party specializing in it.

While I can see that Strava or similar sites will always do this better than Zwift, it seems completely reasonable to be able to see the information that is shown now at the end of a ride if you log back on later. I was really surprised that this was missing since the code already exists to display the data.

I have Zwift set to export to Garmin Connect. From there I can export a TCX file to my home computer, which I use to import the TCX file to Golden Cheetah, which is much more sophisticated for post-ride and longitudinal analysis. Yes, it would be great if Zwift would just save a .fit or TCX file directly to the computer or a local server so you don’t have to go through the various steps, although having the data on Garmin Connect is also nice as backup and other uses.

J. H.,

Zwift does save a .fit file to your computer, it’s in documents/Zwift/activities No need to jump through hoops to get to get it to your computer when it’s already there.

I guess I knew that about .fit on your computer, but thanks for the reminder! Of course, the Zwift and Golden Cheetah are on different computers, so it’s either access the Zwift laptop as a local server to copy over .fit files or download TCX from Garmin Connect - the latter is actually probably less painful since I don’t leave the laptop running all the time.

At £12.99 a month and the fact that the data is in there - Zwift should be as good as Strava or Golden Cheetah.

I think Zwift are now money driven and not product driven. It’s good to have friends in business, but Zwift won’t want to step on their friends toes! 

Agree that Zwift could do a better job of allowing detailed access to data within their own app. As it stands, even if I upload my Zwift activity to Garmin connect, some of the Zwift data is not visible in Garmin connect, ie,  heart rate. Pretty basic, especially considering Zwift promotes the use of goals, but if we can’t track it, we can’t measure it!!!  Unless this is a setting issue that I have overlooked since I don’t even see the heart rate data on Zwift activities history although present during the training on screen. It should then be easy to collect and provide in activities history.

J. H.: 

You can link your Zwift .fit files on one PC/Mac with your Golden Cheetah data on a different PC/Mac by pointing Dropbox (or similar cloud service) at both folders. Have Dropbox sync your documents/Zwift/activities folder and read your Golden Cheetah files out of that folder on computer #2.


Thanks for the suggestion.  Does your file once sync to Golden Cheetah file contain your hear rate data. That’s is what is missing that I’d like but I only see it on the Zwift training screen, not in the Zwift activities nor in the Garmin Connect upload.



If you are using a HRM while using Zwift once the ride uploads to Garmin Connect the HR data should be there.

Thanks Paul. I am using the Kinetic Bluetooth HRM the trainer came with, I get a HR reading on the Zwift Training screen but no HR loads in Zwift activities, and no HR into Garmin Connect. A setting in Zwift, some kind of glitch…?


Zwift activities will not show HR, but when the ride/run uploads to Garmin Connect the HR data will be there if a HRM was used during the activity. Are you sure it’s not showing in Garmin Connect.

Hi again, thanks for your perseverance! Your insistance to check if it was there made me think there must have indeed been a glitch in the upload. I delete the uploaded file in Garmin connect and repeated the process and the HR was now visible. Is Zwift going to add it to there activity screen below as well as other relevant training parameters as mentioned by many other users? We tend to remain more loyal to the app that is the best source of training info, the virtual experience is a great plus but not a substitue for real data. Thanks again.

It might come in the future, no official word on it.

I think Zwift started as a game. With social stuff etc. For newcomers to the bike, that wanted to loose weight. The average Joe.
Then they saw ‘athletes’ starting to use it as well. Now they have the ‘problem’ to choose which way to go. IMO they now are trying to keep both sides satisfied/interested. There’s a lot left to be desired though…   And much competition, some of it even free of charge…