Zwift ist abgestürzt

Ist mir Zwift grad in der letzten Minute meines Training abgestürzt und die ganzen 1:10 h Trainingsdaten sind weg😡 

kann ich die irgendwie aus irgend einem Archiev rausbekommen?




Zwift saves every 10 minutes to and also you should have the complete ride in documents\zwift\activities and can be uploaded to a 3rd party site (Strave. TrainingPeaks…)

Seem you just uploaded a ride to that is 1:12 in time.


Distance, Time an Average Watt are shown in the Activities but there are no Heartbeat, Watt, Speed Data. If i Upload it on Trainingspeak or Strava there are no Data shown?

Greats Robert 

If you upload to Strava or TrainingPeaks all the data will be there (heart rate, watts, speed…), it’s all in the .fit file.

Sorry, there are no Data. If i Upload the File from Zwift, there are just a 9 sec Rid with 42,9 km… No Data for Watt, Heartrate…etc. 

My Trainging from toady was a 45 min Endurance Ride with 3x2 min Anaerob at the End.

So the Average Watt, KM, an Time are ok, but everything else is missed.

The Training was planed for 1:10h

the .fit File is only 1kb if i download it from my activities 

if i download the File from 4.01 its about  134kb big… so i think there are no Data.

I use an iPad Air 2.


After 1:09 Workout, Zwift freeze an then i get a black Screen. 

Then Zwift started new with the Login Page

If you using iTunes you can get the .fit file off the iPad Air and upload it to Strave and TP.