Zwift do not save own data to activity?

Today i have a ride of 43 Kilometers, and unlocked some achievements etc.

Then save and exit.

after a while i want to take a look on my unlocked stuff.

But there is no data from my 43Km ride.

This is just a Easter joke? How can i retrieve my data to show in my Zwift activity?

I think that is what the software is for: “Tracking activity”

Is there a upload option for the fit file?

I will not accept this :frowning:

You cannot upload .fit files to Zwift at the moment, but you can manually upload the files to Strava, TrainingPeaks or other 3rd party. The file should be in documents\zwift\activities.

For me it is better to have all my ride data on Strava so I have one place for my Zwift rides and road rides.

Yes i read this, and hope for a solution soon.

i have submit a ticket, because i not accept the problem.

I am not interested to have a software for a software.


For a .fit file to not get uploaded to your Zwift dashboard (, the most common reason for that to happen is having an internet dropout or an inconsistent connection. As I see that you have submitted a ticket, we’ll take it the rest of the way from there. Be sure that you have submitted the Logs from your Documents\Zwift\Logs\ folder. This will help to confirm problems with internet connectivity. The alternative that Paul had mentioned is one that I would highly recommend. Although we store basic information in your Activity section on your dashboard, Strava (or TrainingPeaks) would show you much more specific information about your performance.

We’ll see you in the tickets. 

Ride On!

Yes Nick, we handle this over the ticket system, but the answers make me not really happy.

See you there.

If anybody else have the problem, you can take a look in your Documents/Zwift/cp/ folder

I had 2 users there, and 1 logged in over the Browser and the other 1 over the Zwift app.

:slight_smile: All my data saved! :slight_smile: