Reviewing Previous Rides

Hi there,

Sorry if I’m being stupid but new around these parts.

Where can I see and review my previous rides on Zwift.

I just did a FTP test (ramp) and I would like to review it.

Again sorry if it’s a stupid question.

You can look at your ride on the companion app.

Or you can link your strava account and see all the details on Strava.

How to connect to Strava

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Thanks Gerrie,

I was looking all over the Zwift app to find it. I’ll go to the companion app and look there.

I’ve got it on Strava and was wanting to see if the info was any different on Zwift itself.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Hi Gerrie,

Just checked out the companion app. That’s EXACTLY what I wanted.

Thanks a million. :tumbler_glass:


You can now also check out your (and your followees) previous rides on the Zwift website:


Brilliant Anna.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer. :tumbler_glass: