Which route did I take

Is there any way to find out which route I took for a free ride when looking back at ride history? I save my stuff to Strava and there is a history on the Companion but neither tells me which route I chose at the beginning of the ride. It shows a map without labels and Strava has the segments, but often segments don’t give you any detail. For example I was looking at a free ride I did that was 55 minutes long and the only segment was a sprint. That sprint is on multiple routes. I’d like to be able to go back and look at a ride choose that route again to see if I can do better (or repeat if I liked the output the first time). Maybe this is something only people who are new would like to do. Is it possible?

If it is the first time you’ve completed it look at the ride in ZC at our tell you when it finishes the re-run.
It’ll show the badge.
If its a route you’ve done then you won’t get the award.
Post the image of the route here and I’m sure somebody well be able to identify it easily.

Going forward, you may want to edit the name of the session when you save and exit Zwift. For instance, change ‘Watopia’ to ‘Watopia Über Pretzel,’ if that’s the route you just did.

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Thanks - it wasn’t a specific situation, more of a ‘something I’d like to be able to do’ thing. I understand that I don’t get an award if I’ve done the route before and it doesn’t tell me in the game that I finished it the way it does the first time (although I find that irritating too - clearly it knows I finished it) but it seems like at the very least it could record it like it does segments. Since it’s obviously info it already has it seems like it would be easy to publish it.

Sounds like this is the solution. Thanks

It does seem that way, doesn’t it? But this is Zwift, and, apparently, nothing is easy! Sad, but true.

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