Can I search my ride history for particular routes? Example: Alpe Du Zwift

Hello, I am looking for the times that I have ridden Alpe Du Zwift but I cannot figure out how to actually search my ride history. Is the only way to access the history on the My Zwift profile page that has a few rides, you scroll down and click “load more?” And I know that you can access it through the Companion App but I have not been able to figure out how to search there either. Am I missing something or are there just scrolling lists with no search ability at all?

Is there a way to search and find the times you have ridden a certain Elevation gain in one ride, or a certain route so that you can easily compare the data?

Thank you

Do you use Strava? If so, they are all stored there.
You can also add the Zwift files of your alp climbs into Strava manually.
Then just examine the full segment.


As mentioned above, Strava is one potential solution here.

Zwift is good at delivering the simulation but providing analysis the data isn’t what they do. If you want to get into the details, you need a 3rd party solution and that can be Strava, Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, Golden Cheetah (free), etc.

Here’s a screen shot of Strava. It shows a segment, how many times I rode it, my fastest time. If I click on one of them, it will link to the activity as recorded so I can see my pace/power/cadence. This is in the free account level. It’s very helpful.


Definitely create a free Strava account (if you don’t already have one) and connect it with your Zwift account (‘Connections’ in your profile settings). Once your data is stored via Zwift, there are a bunch of ways you can view your history - either in Strava or in other 3rd party apps.

I like VeloViewer for this, because it’s easy to search (or browse) by segment name and view your history for that segment in a table format. It’s not hugely different from the ‘Your Recent Efforts’ plot in Strava, but it’s presented in a table that you can sort easily by segment time, date, average speed, average power or however else you’d care to arrange it.

When you select a segment, you’ll also see a 3D plot of the elevation, the segment on a map, your PR stats, and lots of useful info at a glance. Then you can choose the ‘history’ tab and see all of your efforts on that particular segment.

I have Strava, but I can not find specific routes from Zwift. I only can see the outdoors routes or segments. How can I find the specific segments or routes from Zwift?

Speaking of records. Ok, I’m new to all this techy stuff that records power, cadence watts etc. In one event( I’m not trying to mess things up-just curious) is it really possible for someone to be able to put out almost 1100 watts of power? I struggle to reach 300, and perhaps maybe if I keep at it, I can get higher?

just curious, that’s all