Finding historical data and PR's

I am a cold weather only Zwifter, so I can’t remember my times from last year.

So how do I find my times and PR’s? For example, for a route or a specific climb? How can I tell if this year’s Alpe assault was better than last year?

I have seen suggested go to Strava, but wow, that sure seems like a cumbersome work around.

In the Companion app, you can find segment times on the Routes menu by picking any route that includes the segment you are interested in. Sadly it does not show total ride or route completion times, though there are a some routes where the whole thing is a segment like Volcano Circuit and you can see that. If you tap on a segment time it will take you to the activity in which you achieved it.

This is by no means perfect as it doesn’t include RoboPacer or solo rides but as you do quite a high proportion of group rides and races try the segment option in ZwiftPower.

If you use the ME option on the filter you can check all your best segment done in group events - often your best performances:

I’ll try that, thanks.

Brad Blair

OK, I was finally able to figure that out, although not so easy and only listed a most recent ride, not all time. Maybe I needed to click something else.

I am certainly not a racer (although I have tried) and use Zwift to “ride” more than “train,” it would be nice to see how rides compare. If it were easier.

For example, IRL we have a number of favorite routes and it is interesting to see how this year’s effort compared to last year’s. Also, to see what time I will be home!


strava ?