Segments times

Hi there. I’m struggling see my times for certain routes and segments that I’ve done in the past. Also if there anywhere I can not only observe my times, but compare them with my friends that are on Zwift (without having to resort to platforms such as Strava).


Are you referencing to KOM and Sprint? They are only shown for the previous 30 days.

Strava is a good place for historical segment times, look for the Zwift Insider Verified ones.

I mean the time I do for certain routes. For example, I did ‘Greater London Loop’ the other day, part of the route was a TT to ascend ‘Box Hill’. Where can I find the times I did for both on Zwift?

Nowhere. Zwift does not maintain those times. You would have to use Strava or some other third-party app for that information.

I know what you mean, but Zwift does not store the historical data for routes, but you can find it on Strava (a free account will work). In-game Zwift will show you your last 30 days times for timed segments (Sprints, KOM and certain laps)

Thanks for ur help Paul and Nigel. One last thing Paul, when u say that ‘in game Zwift will show u ur times of segments during last 30 days of riding, is there somewhere u can go to access these times, or do u have to ride the segment in question again?

You cannot directly access those times, you will see them on the left hand side when you are riding that segment.

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