Viewing Times on KOM sectors

(Nick) #1

Hello. Newbie question this, so sorry if it’s been answered elsewhere. I’ve had a good look but cannot see it!

I’ve just completed a Zwift ride in the London world including an ascent of Fox Hill which appears to be a timed KOM. Is there anywhere that I can see my time now it’s in the past? Zwift appears to keep my time for 30 days as it told me that I had no 30-day best time! Does Zwift keep a history that’s visible to me? If it does, where do I look.?

I was expecting to see it in Strava but while several bits of it are covered the whole climb isn’t (as far as I can see).



(Troy) #2

Look for Zwift Insider verified segments in your ride on Strava (may be hidden, so unhide all segments). This will be the real KOM. Most of the segments are crap created by people wanting to name a random segment, so I hide everything on all routes except the Zwift Insider verified segments. You’ll be able to track all of your times over a particular segment through Strava.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

I don’'t know of a way to get it in Zwift. I use to track this. You can also look at the segments labeld (Zwift insider) in strava.


If you go to zwift power you can go to segments and pick one from there: EDIT: ZwiftPower only list races and group rides – Not free rides

you can then select “ME” and it will show you all your best times.

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(G) #4

I assume Zwiftpower doesn’t show my KOMs for free rides (only group and races). Am I correct?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #5

Yes indeed you are. While I wrote the answer I thought it listed all my rides. But after further investigation I realized that it only listed those in races or rides, not free rides.

(G) #6

Thank you for confirmation … :+1:

(Nick) #7

Thanks. No luck there either as there’s nothing resembling a ‘Zwift Insider Verified’ segment on Strava. There’s a couple that are part of the climb, but not the whole thing. See attached. Not sure what that means!

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #8

See if you can find them on the Strava website. I can confirm that I can see them on the Strava app (Android). I have hidden most of the useless segments

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(Nick) #9

Thanks! Yes, it’s there on the desktop version. Entertainingly it’s been flagged as “hazardous”! Just how a ritual ride can be hazardous is bewildering, but once I agreed to the waivers it’s all visible.


(Ricky) #10

I’vegone through most of the Zwift Insider Verified segments and starred them on Strava… a bit tedious but satisfies my OCD and makes my Strava-nerding a bit easier post-ride.
You can find them all linked on the various route pages:

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