Personal Records

 Is it possible to see your personal records within Zwift somewhere? I can’t find it and this seems a serious omission. Please don’t suggest looking at Strava either as that is just a mish-mash of silly arbitrary segements.

What I’m looking for is my times for the total recognised Zwift segments such as Watopia Epic KOM or London Box Hill for instance.


I’m with you on this Bruce. Having the ability to go into my Zwift account and look at the various segments/sprints/loops/whatever I’ve done and my times on them would be very welcome. 

Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s something we can do. As far as I am aware (please correct me if I’m wrong someone) the only opportunity you have to see your best times is when you’re actually doing that section of virtual road while playing Zwift. 

Presumably Zwift holds this information somewhere as it’s there to look at the next time I play the same routes. It would be good if it allowed us access to it. 

Like you, I find Strava a bit messy and really we shouldn’t have to use other websites and services to support Zwift’s failings. We already pay for Zwift so everything like official segments, breakdown of our cycles, creating custom workouts (including for use on AppleTV) etc. should be there. 

you can see them all on - course records and sprints/climbs under your profile.

I can only see races I’ve entered in ZwiftPower and not PRs for segements or free rides.

hmm, i just checked mine, and i see a PR for me on fox hill on a free-ride.  I see the course records do list races though.

On Strava put a star on the segment or course you want.

Look for the list of official zwift courses, sprints, and koms on 

You can click on any strava segment (way too many) and click “HIDE” and they will not appear on your next ride.

the only thing strava won’t do is list sprints in exact numbers (13 seconds rather than 12.94). You can photo them if you want. But, Strava rounds up at times.

Thanks for suggesting those options Zee and Danny. Much appreciated.

The problem I have is that I still have to wade through messy third party websites in order to get hold of the information. It would be a lot more user friendly if it was available through Zwift directly. 

If I buy a videogame which features online play it’ll generally contain sortable leaderboards where I can see my personal records, those of my friends and those on a global scale. Such a videogame probably costs the equivalent of three or four months of Zwift subscription and has no ongoing fees. Obviously some games do have ongoing fees but I’m referring to those which don’t. 

I really like Zwift and think it represents good value for money at present but it’s not perfect and little tweaks such as ‘including sortable leaderboards’, which already exist in most other online capable games, would be very welcome. 

Danny (or anyone who can help) sorry to bother you but does one peruse his/her segment times under ‘Zwift Stats’ on the Zwift Power website? Thanks in advance (somewhat presumptuously) for the help.

This is something I have been looking for as well.  I’ve tried a couple times to get ZwiftPower to load anything it can find but I haven’t had any luck.  My Zwift Stats page is blank.  (And yes, I have clicked the Request Update button - a few times)

Same story here Jonathan. I couldn’t get any stats to come up for me with Zwift Power either. 

Does it only work for races or the like?