More (Zwift Insider Verified) KOM's please

I find there is a serious lack of KOM’s in Zwift. I only have the (Zwift Insider Verified) segments listed and bookmarked on my Strava so I don’t see all the other 300 nonsense ones but I do feel that you could add a few more in there. That’s the funnest part about Zwift if you ask me.

I guess you mean Strava segments rather than “KOMs” as such. This would be something for @Eric_Schlange to consider. (Although anyone can add that label to any segment they create, so I’m not sure how it’d be policed - as far as I know, Strava doesn’t have any sort of official verification by anyone).

Yeah, I only do the Zwift Insider verified segments for official Zwift routes, KOMs, and sprint sections. Doing anything more than that kind of opens Pandora’s Box, you know? Because as you said, there are so many hundreds of Zwift segments already… I don’t really want to add to that.

By the way, full Zwift Insider verified Strava segment list is here:


Woah, there are many more such segments than I realised! Good job!

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I’m talking about the official KOM segments that start and stop in the zwift application with the timers and banners and the 30 day pr list (which should be extended to at least a year but that’s another topic). I already have the list and the (zwift insider verified) is the confirmation tag that you can verify on strava so you can hide all the other ones. I haven’t seen one labelled as that yet in the 1000+ segments I have hidden.

For example in Watopia apart from the full route segments there is only 6 KOM’s & 2 Sprints.

In Richmond there are only 2 KOM’s & 2 Sprints.

In London there is only 4 KOM’s & 2 Sprints.

KOM’s for me is a big part of why I ride Zwift. Not to try and become the fastest in the zwift world but more about my personal gains. It gives me something to shoot for when I’m on my rides. I just wish there was so much more of them.

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Live Segments inside Zwift would be a big plus. That would mean we could either import rider-selected segments from Strava – as several Garmin and Wahoo bike computers can – or set them up directly in Zwift, and while we’re riding see how we rank against our own or other’s best performances on those segments.

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Makes no sense to add random KOMs. I’m sure they’ll add them as and when they add new hills.

I am not asking them to create just random KOM’s just ones that make sense. KOM’s are not just about climbing big hills. Sometimes it can be 1 mile flats, or 5k variable gradients or even downhill sprints. As someone who trains for Ironmans I see these kind of KOM’s as more viable information in regards to improvements on the bike than a full out effort getting to the top of a hill.


I would assume you are using the Zwift TT bike for all your attempts than so you can better compare the results.

A couple more wouldn’t hurt since I hit ZERO when I am doing most of my riding on Watopia Volcano Flat route.

Oh, you mean kinda put Strava terminology into Zwift, since Strava refer to the best effort on any segment as a “KOM” or “QOM” regardless of whether it’s actually a climb.

Zwift have different terms for different segments though. They have “KOM” and “sprint” for example, hence me relating “KOM” to a climb. Do they even refer to all timed climbs as a KOM? I can’t even remember - so long since I rode Box Hill for example.

Sure they might add more timed segments in-game, but I think they should come up with their own name for it rather than use Strava’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

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