Official Zwift KOM results in menu

I’d like to see all my KOM-results that Zwift is tracking on the different courses in the menu, or on the website.

I know you can view segments in Strava, but those are different from the ‘official’ Zwift KOM’s. And, by the way, there are about 65 million strava-segments on Watopia alone (!)

Zwift doesn’t control Strava though. Note the ‘Zwift verified segments’ to track your official times.

I do wish Zwift would show my lap times on the screen and a mileage rest button, so I don’t have to add 16.5 km to the 4.3 km warm-up in my head…or at least a countdown to the finish line like races do.




I think Rembrandt is taking about the official sections for sprints, climbs and laps that Zwift does track and display within the game, he is referencing Strava as its the next best thing.  It would be nice to be able to go to a central location and see your PB’s.

Any idiot can create a section in Strava and put the word verified in the name, its meaning less and only tracks to the nearest second.