Results service

Its about time Zwift gave us a results service to match its software. Race organisers and even riders should get information on their Zwift account as to what events they have taken part in, and also the KOM or Sprint time for that event. Their position no the event and time. At the moment we have to make do with Strava and Zwiftpower. Although these tools are good in there way they are not integrated into the Zwift Software.Its about time Zwift had  proper results service.

My personal opinion is that Zwift should focus on the riding experience, making roads, bikes, wind simulation and all those things.

There are lots of tools to look at your data no need to reinvent the wheel. Lots of people train on the road and on the trainer, having 3rd party software handle the data makes sense, then we can keep all our training in one place. 

Agree with Gerrie here. I think the best approach for Zwift is to make the tools available to allow others to hook into the platform and get data out. I’d rather Zwift concentrated on the core platform.

The problem is Strava doesn’t show your effort compared to others during in Zwift around you during an activity.  I just got a PR (slow but good for me) and third on the Epic KOM but unless I took a screen shot have nothing to show for it.  I’d like to be able to go back and look at the history data for that time period on Watopia but I can’t as apparently that info disappears.  And also, Strava doesn’t have a segment for that Epic KOM, at least by default, that shows up there anyway (from the line near the bridge to the Epic KOM archway).  So, I agree with the original poster.

I understand that involves more storage for the Zwift people so that may be an issue.

The Strava segment for the Epic KOM:

Strava does not give race results if your computer time is wrong. It does not show sprints or KOM in tenth and hundreds of a second. Zwiftpower does not show that ether and is cobbled together to produce the results as best it can,  Name one sport that uses an unofficial amateur results service. Do the TdF use Strava for its results or any club race for that matter. Ridiculous,