Post Race -Zwift Hill Climb Racing Club - Yorkshire KQOM Reverse March 10 2024

I am trying to understand Zwift Power results.
I did a 6 km race with a time of around 10 mn.
Yet in ZPower, the ride is 3’16 and many riders behind me are in front of me at the end. Did I miss something? Is it normal?


The result is solely based on how long it takes to ride the KOM Segment.

The duration of total ride is irrelevant.


did they pull the bot’s spam the rules ?

When you’re viewing the event in ZwiftPower, you will see a link called “Description”. Click on that and it will explain the event rules. That info is also available in Companion when you sign up for the event.

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It’s a hill climb only the climb segment counts

Ok I got it. Thanks guys for the clarification !

I get having the Bots in the pen in order to post Event messages but why have them take off so fast.
Can’t they just stay in the pen and quit 3 minutes into the race?