Zwift hill climb racing

i have noticed on zwift power that my times recorded for climbs do not match what was actually done i have been credited with a slower time, is there any reason for this or is it some sort of glitch, has any body else experienced this.

Yes, last week, I solved it by clicking “request a faster update” on the Zwiftpower event results page for the attempt that was quicker (my second effort).

They’ve fouled up the race route for week 4 and have listed the full UCI route instead of the KOM. I’ve posted up in the racing forum. Hopefully this gets straightened out.

The first three week 4 events, 0230, 0430 and 0630 PDT events have the wrong segment timed so those of you who rode them will need to re-run them or your times are going to be about 2x off. I rode a 20:03 for the KOM but the entire course was 47 minutes because I was just cruising along blithely anticipating my 4th place on the hill to be the final result. Unfortunately, the effort was for naught and I’ll “get” to ride it again in the hopes of repeating the effort.