Race results revised. Why?

Yesterday I completed the 14:35 scheduled 3r Alpe du Zwift KOM race. Crossed the line and took a picture.

A little later, after my dismount I took a look at the results on Zwift Companion and found I had taken about 1:14:40 secs just ahead of a rider I’d sprinted to pass. My time up the Alpe was 1:06 as recorded by my photo which I was able to view.

Today my time has been changed to 1:15:11 and the rider whom I thought I had beaten was shown as finishing nine seconds ahead of me! Nine seconds is a big margin IMO. The photo I had taken at the top of Alpe has disappeared, all I have is a picture I took partway up the Alpe. That’s the most annoying thing as its my fastest ascent to date!

This morning I sent my query to tech support who are considering it and meanwhile asked if would use this forum to see what I could find out. Unfortunately my searches have not help to explain what happened or how I can preserve my pictures in future. I use an iPad when Zwifting.

Any comments gratefully received

When you say today your time has changed, where do you mean? On zwift power? Strava?