Alpe du Zwift update

Why is my AdZ PB not up to date on Zwiftpower?
I did yesterday 49.32.

Did you do it in an event?

Yes i did…

It’s a long-standing bug; race organisers should use a custom finish just beyond the banner to prevent this issue.

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Ok yeah i knew this bug but thought it was solved by know.

If you do an Alpe race is there a way to look up just the climb time? Excluding the lead in thru the jungle.
I forgot to hit save but see my result listed for the event with my overall time.
I usually check strava but had to get back to work and forgot to save and it did not list in strava.


Found it using the filter feature for the KOM under my age group this week. Just needed a little more coffee this morning. Well every morning…


Organisers need to set the event distance to 17.602km in order for the time to be recorded on ZP.

In case anyone is interested, Epic KOM banner is 13.96km on Mountain Route, with top of Radio Tower at 15.59km.

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