Race/Event position or live timing issue

Yesterday in the Americas-W “A” division ZRL race on Petit Boucle there was a sprint finish with rider Edwin Park as the clear winner, followed by more than a dozen other riders, and then the eventual “official” winner who visually finished about 19th place 2 seconds behind Edwin. I know there are latency issues leading to live timing not matching the visuals on a per client basis, but 2 seconds is an eternity. Not only did Tony Pletcher cross the line 2 seconds after Edwin on each of the three stream VODs I watched, but Craig Northway was officially scored 2nd and he was significantly behind Pletcher.

Race results: zwiftpower dot com/events.php?zid=1262003

Final sprint from Zwift Community Live: youtu dot be/IQkRtXkXu5o?t=1h16m45s

Edwin Park’s POV: clips dot twitch dot tv/ColdNiceWerewolfBrokeBack

Brian Kellison’s POV: clips dot twitch dot tv/AmazonianDelightfulSeahorseHumbleLife

There might be a new timing/clock related bug after the update or perhaps the custom distance for these two riders was somehow different than everyone else’s…

You’re posting in the wrong place really. You need to email WTRL race control with this information.

Nope, this is a discrepancy between what Zwift is showing and what gets registered in the backend, nothing to do with WTRL.

I have experienced something similar myself as well once (route RGV, normal distance), I did what looked like a photo finish sprint (for umpteenth place) but in the results it turned out I apparently won my nearest competitor by about two seconds.

Also, yesterday in EMEA W A women I saw a teammate clearly (by a bike length or so) finish 4th and the same thing on the youtube stream as well, but in the final results two others somehow ended up in front of her.

I didn’t say that it was WTRL’s issue. But WTRL are the ones who can change the results.

Also, there’s a much higher chance of Zwift doing something about it if WTRL bring it to their attention.

What are the chances of Zwift picking this up from the forum and fixing it,.do you think, based on the rate ot fixing things reported on the forum?

We had a similar issue in our race last night, is Zwift investigating?

In any case, Zwift will say that it’s the backend that’s correct. But clearly they need to do everything possible to keep the frontend in sync.

I’m not petitioning for a change in the results. I’m reporting what seems to be a new bug or an obscure bug that might happen with races of custom distance on certain courses like France.

I am aware that client/server latency can show different results. I do know how client-side prediction works and its importance to networked multiplayer gaming. However this particular case is extreme and I doubt it is caused by latency, at least not in the most direct/obvious sense. These individuals finished seconds behind Edwin Park and appear seconds ahead of him…a difference of 4-5 seconds total. I have seen plenty of photo finishes reversed on ZP vs Zwift, but I have never seen that kind of clock drift in nearly 700 rides with the Zwift event module.

This is exactly why I think you should report this to WTRL race control. They have a much better chance of getting Zwift to check this out than any of us do by posting here.

I informed WTRL before I started this thread.


I’d also log with Zwift support as they rarely read these forums, and if they do, they’ll certainly never acknowledge here it unless its a missing badge pandemic.

Same issue seen in the EMEA W2 Div 2A and EMEA W1 Div 1A.
See e.g. http:// www. facebook. com
(I split the link in five pieces since the forum doesn’t allow links…)

This was also an issue in EMEA W1 Div 1a - the winner did not appear on anyone’s screen. None of my team saw him go off the front. Nathans Zwift Community also was not there.

Links to the timestamps of video are in the comments of the event:

I think it was a timing issue. During the race Zwift thought I was in front of the pack and in 1st place a couple seconds ahead, when I was clearly mid-pack. Interestingly the prime and KOM are correct, I’m 6th in the first KOM on ZP which is correct. Yet the finish was wrong, I was somewhere in the front group and not second.