Estimated time between all racers is 0:00 since the update

Since the most recent update, the time gap between me and everyone else I was racing with was listed as 0:00 even though several finished 5 or more minute before me and a couple finished several minutes after me. I had to check the live feed on Zwiftpower to see where I was relative to others. Am I the only one noticing this?

I would have said you had an internet connection issue but as others are in the same boat (none of you could see other riders, spectators etc) including other grades, I suspect Zwift mothership had a problem. I note you could all save to Strava so unlikely anything at your end.

Had that happen on first ride after update. Seemed to fix itself, has not happened again though.
Will post if it comes up again.

Huh, I’ll have to try to ride a second time today and see if that’s still an issue.

I could see all the other riders and spectators and everything, just the time gap was showing up as 0:00.

I did have the usual bug on Box Hill where, once you’ve climbed a certain distance, the elevation box is just black (it shows the grade but not what’s going to happen next except on the minimap), but that’s been going on so long, I don’t expect it to be changed at this point.

I ran into this issue myself, yesterday it was better, not 100%, but much better than on Friday.

It wasn’t connection issues, was game issue.

I have the same problem after doing the latest update.

One of my friends ride on an Apple TV and had no issues with this.

I just did my second race since the update (Crit City this time instead of London Loop - don’t know if that makes a difference) and there were a few people that I still saw as 0:00 even though they were further away from me than people who had actual times listed. Most people, however, had actual times listed, and I never saw any of those weird results in free riding beforehand.

I’m going to guess that whoever suspected that the issue was some people not getting the update yet was right, though it seems a bit odd that yesterday, 36 hours after the update, I was the only one in my race who’d done it. I thought the update was an automatic thing the next time you started the game after it was pushed out.

Same on Windows 10 in my race in France this morning. I was 0.3KM away from people with a time gap of 0secs (race in France). Wasn’t limited to specific users either, I saw the same other riders jump from 0secs to +30secs and back again. Possibly a problem with proximity?

Probably just need to patient while everyone updates. Would be useful to know though.

Yeah, I’d love it if someone from Zwift HQ would just tell us it’s an issue with staggered updates or it’s a bug that they’re working to fix or whatever it is just so that we’d know. Maybe they don’t know. That’s sort of why I posted here - to bring it to their attention.

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It’s not unusual for weird stuff to pop up immediately after updates, and they did make changes to the gaps this time so perhaps it’s expected for now. :+1:

Had it on Apple TV today as well. Racing up Bologna I was a bit shocked that no one got dropped. Had to fiddle with zoom and rearview to see that only 4 guys were left and not 10 lol.

Has this been acknowledged yet? Race on Saturday was heavily affected by this, planning to race again tonight I wondering what to expect.

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I haven’t heard any official announcements about it. My Crit City race was considerably less affected by it yesterday (just a couple people that I noticed and they were off the back of the pack I was in (don’t know if anyone off the front was affected but I didn’t see them on my screen if they were - an they weren’t on Zwiftpower).

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Gang, we’re aware and working on an patch to fix this very hot issue.

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Hi there,

Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere; yesterday I did a group ride (Specialized ride) where time gaps were appearing wrong. Even though someone was way ahead in the ride, they were still shown as “+0:00”. I could be at the back of a group and the people way behind were shown the same.

I asked others if they were experiencing the same and several people said yes. I took a few screenshots, but don’t know how to share.

Hope this helps,

Hey @Paul_Rayner8684 - yep, a few people reported this since update. Maybe by referencing this thread maybe you can close this one or one the volunteer guru’s can x-reference.

Note that a theory is that as everyone slowly gets the update, the issue gradually goes away - time will tell. The reported frequency of the issue seems to be going down so could well be good assumption - Zwift havent responded to that thread by the way.


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I also noticed this bug last night.
When our meetup group started to split on Box Hill, the time gaps in our group didn’t vary from 0:0. You can see in the screenshot that the group is approx 20s ahead of me. Just seems to have happened since the recent update. Not sure what the rest of the group was seeing but for the meetup leader it’s a new annoyance.
I’ve got a screenshot but forum won’t let me upload it.

You’re welcome to send it to me on ZwiftIsEverything at gmail etc and I’ll post it up for you.

Done. Since posting, one of my group (like me) on Windows confirmed no time gaps seen but another in the group (iPad) saw gaps OK. Windows issue only?

Here ya go. Think its been a mix of platforms but dont quote me.

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