Timing Bug In Latest Release

Zwift run since the update is logging splits/runtime incorrectly.  The clock on the splits is starting the moment you enter the game world.  The timer at the top is is correct.  This means if you are standing around waiting for another runner or just stretching the system is logging the 1st km even when the top run clock has not started.  As an example, this morning I logged into the game world and my runner was stationary and the top clock read zero, I did some stretches and answered a phone call.  Top clock still zero splits clock at 5 minutes which meant when i stated running my first km was over 10 min which then put all the rest of the average splits out.  The two clocks need to start at the same time as they did previously.  I assume this is a bug that has appeared as part of the latest updates.  

I have not checked if its doing the same in the ride mode yet.

Innesbruk is cool by the way!!

Thanks for the heads up Steve! I’ll forward this over to QA. 

Amazing turnaround on the fix guys!!!  All working as it should again this morning.

Awesome. :slight_smile: Feel free to write in if you come across any other bugs/issues or you can send in a support ticket and we’ll help you out as soon as possible!