Regarding the time display

Not much of a big deal, and I doubt I or anyone else is having any trouble, but it is somewhat odd and I am reporting it.
My record for one lap is probably exactly 7 minutes, so 6 minutes and 60 seconds is not wrong, but some may not like it. Others, like me, may want to laugh and share it with others. I respect the decision of the people developing Zwift whether to leave it alone or change it.

No, you’re right to report this, that’s just plain wrong. ISO 8601 - Wikipedia

[ss] refers to a zero-padded second between 00 and 60 (where 60 is only used to denote an added leap second)

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Oh that’s hilarious, I would love to know what kind of code acrobatics is behind that.

There’s also the bug that somehow sometimes manages to display a different time at the top of the screen vs what ends up on the leaderboard. When it occurs it’s usually just a few hundredths but I think the most I have seen has been 0.2 seconds.

I’ll hazard a guess: start with seconds with at least two decimals, divide by 60 and round down to get the minutes, round the remainder to one decimal. That way, any times above :59.950 and below a full minute get this anomaly, and also explains why it isn’t more frequent.

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