Incorrect time gaps to other riders

In a race this morning, the time showing between me and other riders was consistently wrong - eg in the attached photo showing a much larger gap to the riders I was with. Earlier in the race it showed me a group was 40 seconds behind a couple of seconds before they passed me.

Is this a common issue and if so how do I fix it?

time gaps in zwift are regularly wrong as it’s done base done based on distance rather than time so soon as a climb comes in the gaps go wrong.

Saying that though your screen shot does not very bad usually if you are with a group of riders they should be on the same time as you so i’m not sure what is going on there

This article is a useful explanation, although “assumes” might be a better word than “calculates”. I guess it’s possible that there are lapped riders in the screenshot?

at least one of the riders G Choe is not being lapped and shows 5 second gap which is something I’ve never noticed.

I wonder if some sort of local connection/delay is playing a part here. The distances are also different more than i’d expect of the usual distance skewing issue.

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Yeah, Choe who shows is in front of Richardson, shows a travelled distance .1 km less yet 5 seconds behind?

Yes, all three of the riders it says are 5 seconds ahead but I’m drafting from and have done less distance are on the same lap. I guess the D rider’s pen could make a distance difference, but doesn’t explain the general weirdness (including the larger errors I couldn’t screenshot)

I’ll check if it’s still an issue next race - also occurred to me that Zwiftaliser might show if I had network issues.

Zwiftaliser doesn’t show any network drops or anything else unusual.