Incorrect times to riders ahead and behind

Windows 10 User. Same bug on multiple Windows 10 devices.

At the right hand side of my screen, I see 6-7 riders ahead, and 6-7 riders behind.

The distance to them is given in the form 0:00, which would appear to be time in mm:ss.

In reality, it is distance in meters, where
0:01 is 10m
0:02 is 20m
0:59 is 590m
1:00 is 600m
1:01 is 610m
2:12 is 1,320m

Can this be changed either to time in a time format, or to meters in a meters format, please?

I wonder, how did you come up with this conclusion? How did you determine that the distance is in meters? I always thought it was indeed time in minutes and seconds required for them to reach your current position (if you were not moving). Meters and seconds are related, aren’t they? 10 meters would be 1 second at the speed of 38 km/h.

“Zwift’s time gap calculation assumes everyone is traveling at 30kmh

It varies by speed. I thought it was the 1 second equals 10 meters until I rode the Zsun ride yesterday and saw the difference between going 44kph on the flat and 8kph on the climb. It is mostly time. Switchbacks and twisty roads can foul it up though. Big ass groups too.

@Andrei_Istratov In long group rides, in the riders panel on the right side of the screen, I can see that a rider whom has covered 1.8km more distance than me is listed as -3:00, and a rider whom has covered 0.8km less distance than me is listed as +1:20.

3:00 x 10m per “second” is 3x600m = 1.8km
1:20 x 10m per “second” is 1x600m + 20x10m = 0.8km

And any other combination of distances covered and reported “time” gaps.

@Mark_Crane_TOG_G_65y I’m sure you were right first time and it’s 10m.

If it was time, you would not see a change going from 44kph on the flat to 8kph - 30 seconds ahead is 30 seconds ahead at any speed. The displayed “time” wouldn’t change.

You do see a change though due to the concertina effect as riders transition between gradients. This only causes a change in displayed “time” if it is distance based.

Nope. In the Zsun ride, the ride leader had the fence set to 5 seconds. When we were crushing it on the flats at 44kph, he was 50 meters back. When we were getting crushed going up the Petit KOM, it was about 10 meters. I wouldn’t have believed it without seein’ it with my own eyes. Totally fouled me up…

I grabbed a screenshot showing riders ahead and behind me by up to 18 minutes, then annotated a distance calculation based on my distance, using a conversion of 1sec=10m

Given the precision in my distance of +/-0.1km, and
given the precision in everyone else’s distance by +/- 0.1km,
everyone should be within +/-0.2 km of my distance if 1sec=10m

And for the most part, they are. Even 18 & 19 minutes away, and by this stage of the ride, we were barely alive, and far from doing 44kph.

One rider ahead of me has covered less distance than me, which demonstrates the precision may be +/-0.1km, but the accuracy is off a bit, and…
The two leading riders are also outside this window. Might be the accuracy issue. Might be something else. I didn’t do a U-turn mid-event, and I didn’t miss the start.

@Mark_Crane_TOG_G_65y Is it possible the fence is calculated differently than the displayed time?
The Zwift engine is certainly capable of doing that calculation accurately and precisely - the arches during workouts are good examples of that.

No idea but I’m going to pay attention to the splits tomorrow morning during my ride then.

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