Gap time during races

Hi. In a race the gap Time is displayed. However when going downhill this Will dramatically increase and when going uphill the gap Will decrease. My guess is this is because zwift calculates the gap using the average race speed. Is it possible to adjust this?

This has long been an annoyance (to me) and it would be great to see it fixed. It’s especially difficult in a race and can make it very confusing when you’re trying to break away, or chase down other riders. It appears the current calculation is based on distance and some (arbitrary?) fixed speed, hence the gap always increases when the rider ahead of you crests a climb, and decreases when he/she starts a climb. This change in time gap is dramatic, even when you both maintain the same power output. The maths on this can’t be that difficult, they calculate it fairly accurately on televised grand tours where they rely on motorbikes with GPS trackers. Zwift should be more accurate as you know exactly where each rider is. A very simple method would be to use the time gap from when the lead rider was at the point that the current rider is now. This of course ignores what has happened since the lead rider passed the current point (so it’s slightly out of date), but it would still be significantly more representative of the “actual” time gap than the current method.

It would be nice to know if Zwift acknowledges this as a bug, and if there’s a plan to fix it.


This is very annoying and needs to be fixed. Time gaps are pretty much useless the way they currently work.