Time ahead/behind should be the path-integrated time assuming constant watts, not constant speed

The time ahead/behind can distort alot depending on when players switch between hill and flat segment, since it looks like right now, it is assuming constant speed.  I thought that it would be more realistic to assume constant power over the path between the rider and another player, it could be calculated on the client end, I would think.

easy calculation, discretized over path length segments to include acceleration/deceleration contributions from incline changes, it’s a very light computation compared to what the graphics engine has to perform.

Fully agreed!   This would be a great advancement and it would make Zwift time gaps far superior to those crummy ones used by Eurosport!  

Yes me too. If this is too difficult to implement then probably showing the time ahead/behind value as a distance in M or KM might be more realistic?

I guess I can see the logic behind the way it is reporting time ahead/behind currently, the positional ordering is the same as the ordering based on time. With some other scheme, the numbers can fluctuate and maybe becomes confusing, and maybe huge fluctuations in time due to sudden acceleration may not be so meaningful if the rider is so far behind in distance.