Time Gaps broken in meetups with the latest update (iOS)

Had a small Meetup this morning and noticed that all others in the meetup had a time gap of 0s regardless of position. Even though there are other riders in between me and fellow group mates that have a time gap, the riders in my group are still 0s. This stayed this way throughout the entire ride.

Using IPad (iOS) with version 1.0.54375

Changes were made in the latest version (which you are on) regarding time gaps. I suspect that not all in your meetup were on the latest version, breaking the functionality until everyone catches up.

It appears its not just Meetups. Estimated time between all racers is 0:00 since the update

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Still probably the same reason though. Many bugs like this are resolved as everyone updates, hence the references to them just going away, as per that thread.

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Agree, that post has a few more issue reports than here, so any additional info should be added to it.

Marking “Solution” to redirect input to there

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