Riders Nearby time gaps are way off in event [July 2021]

We had an odd group ride today. Hilly Vanilli (1855 EDT US) just started street side in Richmond not in the pens.
Rider distances were correct but times were way off (a rider visible 1-2 meters ahead would show a 20+ gap time).
Don’t know if it was site wide, and don’t know if it was maintenance related, but it was all categories of the HV ride today.
The D group got together and had a swell ride in spite of the tricky start.
Have a nice day.

Thank you for reporting in. I’ve passed your feedback along to the team performing the maintenance, and we will investigate if there may be a correlation

I looked at your session logs on our server. You had already logged out of your event before this maintenance began. So probably an unrelated issue, which begs the question: what happened?

I saw the maintenance post earlier today and thought our ride would be complete before the maintenance stated. Was not sure if there was a correlation so I thought I would throw it here.
I don’t know if you want to look at the pics on strava (https://www.strava.com/activities/5597351508) or if you want me to upload from my zwift pc.
In the pictures you can see riders in front of my avatar but the time on the right shows +26 seconds.
I did a quick Richmond ride before ride start just to verify connection. Everything looked fine.
I quit that ride and started a ride, I had selected Fan Flats, and when the ride loaded I was on the side of the street, not in the pens, on the trainer but my avatar could not pedal a complete revolution his left foot would fall off. (This was happening to others.) I had the pre-ride message board on the right hand side and I saw people join and ask what was going on?
I quit, exited, and restarted my PC.
I restarted Zwift and chose London world thinking, maybe choosing Richmond was to blame.
When Zwift ride started I was in London and got the “Join now” prompt which I selected.
I got the usual world change and wound up street side in Richmond again. I think we were near the pens but not in them.
I could SEE riders in front of me and behind me. I messaged all Group D riders and told them we had a problem but we could work through it. Everyone in the Group D acknowledged the problem and we started at a pace that allowed us to group up.
Grouping was tough because the times were just off. I asked if someone was 20 off the back and they said no they were in the group. We communicated and determined that the video was correct, and the distances indicated by the avatar tabs was correct, just the riders nearby time was way wonky.
I saw messages by C and B group riders experiencing the same thing, before their ride started (chase ride) and I messaged (they can see Group D lead posts) what was going on and they understood.
Our ride, other than the issues above, was just like any other ride. Pace seemed appropriate. Draft seemed okay. Our time (65 minutes) went correctly.
It was actually kind of satisfying because the Group D riders really worked hard at making a bunch. I was proud of them.
If you think any more details would help I can provide the files from my hard drive or more pictures. (Probably tomorrow because I am old and it is 2200.)
Thanks for your support.

Thanks for the details and the images I grabbed from Strava. Screenshots are always super-helpful.

I’ve started at ticket to dig into your report.