Incorrect time when race finished


I noticed that my race result was incorrect when I finished the race. I did Alpe du Zwift and I crossed the finish line at 1:08:35 but when the result page appeared then my time was above 1:09 (I did not take a screenshot… I think it was 1:09:07). Then, in the Companion app and in Zwiftpower my time was 1:08:59.

When I check my session on the Zwift website then the analysis is correct. I see when my cadence dropped to 0 (crossing the finish line) my time was 1:08:35.

Is it a bug? I noticed the same last week but I was not 100% sure so I was watching my time today when I crossed the finish line and indeed, there is a big offset.


Hi. I have had a similar thing happen when finishing City Crit races. When I crossed the line/finished my time was about 19:20 yet my race time immediately popped up as 19:50???

is there an explanation for this???

When you do a race in Zwift, the timer does not start until you pass a line after leaving the pens, this is normally 100m-200m after the start line, which will normally result in a discrepancy of about 15-20s between the timer time and the actual event result.

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