Zwift Results added 20 seconds to my finish time?

Just completed ZA Run Race and the results added 20 seconds to my finish time. I was able to grab a screenshot just after I crossed the finish which shows the Elapsed Time as less than the displayed finish time.

Any thoughts?

The time from the countdown until the clock starts is counted into zwiftpower times. There’s always a gap from the start until the on-screen clock begins counting up.(If you wait an hour before you start running or pedaling, the zwiftpower time will count the hour but the on-screen timer won’t.)

Thanks but that’s not what I meant.

I meant the actual race time (ie. from the gun) was 17:42 but once I crossed the finish line the results on the Zwift onscreen results displayed 18:04. You’ll notice the running/elapsed time on the top shows 17:46 at 3.14 miles.

Edit: for reason it’s not letting me upload screenshot. Will try to attach later via pc.

Yep your actual time was 18:04
My last race was 1 16:16
My race time was 1 16:29

@I_Tri_For_Tacos1 same for everyone - a known bug I think. My last 5k race was 16:41 on screen [and on Strava/Training Peaks] and 17:02 in the results for the race on the Zwift Companion App and ZwiftPower. The discrepancy apparently relates to the difference between the start pen and where the timing starts.


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