Zwift Academy Run - Baseline

I ran into an issue with the Baseline 5k Run.
The time according to Zwift Academy is 20:10. According to the km splits (4:04, 3:58, 3:56, 3:54, 3:50) that adds up to a 19:42. It seems that the 5k potentially started NOT at the pen but perhaps at the 5k beginning mark on the course.
Can anyone confirm?

Thanks for the tip I see something very similar in my ZA summary. I don’t have an explanation.

Could it be from the moment you ramp up your treadmill, I have this same issue where 20secs is added to my overall time but this is correlated with me starting my treadmill 20secs before the start of race to get up to speed

Maybe same situation with the 10k Baseline Run. My finish time (self stopped) was 43:17. But Zwift says 43:41 at the end in the Companion App. When the race started, we were running app. 100m to the starting line. With crossing the starting line Zwift started the time. So I think: Zwift added the time before the starting line.

It does indeed.
My actual time is 26 seconds quicker than reported owing to the time between pen and start line.

Same issue, and I’ve even got a screenshot of the finisher’s standings to prove it. I ran 35:00 and got credited with 35:30. The background of that standings list clearly shows a time shorter than the official time, which is clearly nonsense.

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In companion app/Events I can only see baseline run, which i have done already, week after week. Then i see final run. Why can’t i see the ZA runs in between baseline and final? :thinking:

Have you a filter option accidentally set in the app?

Seems like i had filter on.


Now its #4
I have missed #1 - #3
Is there any way to do them or have i missed the train?


You can do the workouts at any time by selecting them in game under ZA 2021 in the workout selector

Thanks a lot!
Life saving tips :grin:

Same here… zwift says 25:39, strava 25:13…

Something is not quite right. Are they including the lead in?

Yes. If you notice when you leave the pen neither the time or distance starts until you join the road. Dependant on your speed this will range between 20-35 seconds.