ZA finish line run 2021 acting bizarre

First time (fri 19/11) I did the ZA finish line run,.I got the time 23.02 but it wasnt registered but the person who came over 3 min behind me, his result got registered. Even though I completed it looked like I have not finished full ZA 2021.

Today Sun 21/11 I did the finish line run again.
I got 22.56 on the summary screen when I passed the finish line. Now in the race summary it says 23.24

During race i hade 4.36 split the first 3 km.
In the activity summary it says i did 1st km at 7:00 min.

What is going on? Im totally confused.

Is the REAL finish line behind the blue fake finish portal and am I supposed to run blind for another few hundred meters while I have the summary screen up to get to the real finish line?

Im very disappointed because THIS result was the whole reason for me to join and do the ZA runs at all. Feels like I just wasted time.

Feel like everyone else understands something I don’t.

Breaking down the issues Rick.

Firstly you’ve been hit by the non recording of a ZA workout/run. I’ve had it as have many others. It seems repeating the activity is the only solution.

Secondly the time discrepancy happens all the time. You lose time getting to the start line. When you leave the pen the time doesn’t start until you cross the start banner. For some reason this time is added.
It’s normally between 20-30 seconds.

It will be the same as your baseline run so you can compare the times to see any improvement but you are right it’s not giving you your actual pace.


Thank you very much.
At least now i undstand it.
Very appreciated.

Still odd that the 5k time presented at the race summary when passing the finish line is different from the race summary when reviewing the run in companion app.

Also odd that it gives 4:36 split in race for first km but 7:00 in race summary. A bit inconsistent.

Had threadmill set to 4.36 roughly 20 sec before the start until 4th km when i increased speed 4th and 5th kilometer.

Another odd observation.

I looked at a YT video with a person running the 5K finish line run and looked at where his Blue finish portal were located.

Then when I ran, the finish portal was located much further back, like I had to run a longer distance before passing the blue portal.


Having now done my finish line run and completed the full program, the data on the app is broken and bogus. The times reported for the baseline and finish line runs are both nonsense though it does link to the activities which show the true performance.

It’s not just the excess 25 seconds thing, the numbers are off by miles.