ZA Finish Line Ride

Finished the ZA Road today. My finish ride was worse than my baseline ride. (I think) I did not get any onscreen messages at all. If not for the ZA ride kits and the start, I would not even realize I was in ZA Road. I had technical difficulties (HRM monitor decided to disconnect for no reason right before the Titans KOM.) Well that’s just terrific. I had to dismount, re-pair the monitor, get back on and within 50 feet…the KOM. Oh well. This affected my overall time to do the event…which was longer to complete than the Baseline. Anyway, I finished today. Not better than the Baseline but it is done. Not going to bother to re-do this ride. But where is the ZA comparison notes on my overall ZA workout? I’m not sure how I did overall. Confused. I do not see anything in email or companion app or ??? Did I even graduate from this event?


I finished it yesterday morning and while I did not have the technical difficulties I was slower on all three segments. I was pretty sure I put down more power than the Baseline but my times were all slower: +20 seconds on Titans Reverse, +1 on the Sprint and +39 on Volcano Climb. I was completely shocked as I completely blew my guts out on all three test sections. Literally had nothing left at the top of Volcano.

My power numbers and speeds were all down on the Finishline ride but my HR was a bit higher than Baseline. Actually, my sprint power was 8 watts higher (set a 90 day PR for both fifteen and thirty seconds) and my HR was 5bpm higher but my speed was 1.2mph slower.

I might have to go back have another swing at it 'cuz I don’t think I suck more after running through The Academy Workouts…

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Yeah, the thing that really bothers me…is that this whole ZA thing is right when the ZRL racing started and there is no time to recover from racing. How can we possibly focus on ZA when we are spent from racing.

I’m racing about 2 times a week unless we are short riders on Thursday like last week.