Finishline ride email

Has anyone received their Finishline ride email with recommendations etc. in it? I completed the Zwift Academy course yesterday and have my time improvements in the Companion app but haven’t received anything with phenotype, customised training or workout recommendations - anyone got there’s yet or have any idea when they’re supposed to arrive?


I haven’t received my finish line email either

Given the delay in getting the Baseline emails out, I’d suggest just being a bit more patient.

Never got my baseline email so not expecting much. Tbh happy seeing the progress.

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Perhaps (and this is a big perhaps) there has to be some ‘critical mass’ of people to have completed the Finish Line ride before they send anything out, so that they can place you in a ‘reasonable’ percentile. I mean, you might be one of the lower ‘scorers’ in the end, but if you were the first person to complete the Finish Line ride, and an e-mail was sent immediately, you would be in the 100th percentile. Best of the best!

I got my finish line email after a day or so. Mine was reasonable, my wife’s was a bit odd (classification was unexpected) perhaps due to a small number of female completers at that point.

Thanks all - mine came through this morning. I think maybe like you said @Nigel_Tufnel they needed to wait a little while to have enough data to provide the percentiles (giving them the benefit of the doubt :wink:)

My finish ride email came through after 24hrs but unfortunately replicated the power from the baseline ride. I’d rather not have any emails than emails with wrong data. I can see clearly from Strava the improvements made. I’m pleased that they run the academy as it has been a good few weeks of training. (Top tip for Zwift, maybe start planning for next years academy now. With 10 months solid prep you never know, you might actually pull it off without any cockups…)


Same for me. Exactly same stats despite PRs on both climbs.

Ditto. Identical email to the baseline. Still i have my strava records showing my hard earnt 25W, 30W and 20W increases respectively!

Still, after doing a mostly great jov its a shame zwift lost it at this last stage.

I got the email shortly after the finish line ride. I changed type and became a sprinter.

I wonder if we got a replicate of the baseline if we didn’t improve (I was sick all last week so was impressed I didn’t fall more!) but people got a new one if they improved. That way Zwift show everyone stayed the same or got better :upside_down_face:

My email showed my segment for the second ride.

Mine came through after 36 hours. Improvements to all three segments but the same phenotype, based on my percentiles.

So random who got a replicate of email one, and who got a new one? Mine is definitely a carbon copy and lots of posts on Facebook saying the same too.

Yep, I’ve flagged it with the team to look into.

My finish line email came through within 24hrs, but like others in here it had the same stats as my baseline, even though there was a noticeable improvement in actual results (based on Strava segments and the Companion App).
Bit of a bummer if this isn’t fixed because I found the Academy series really good otherwise

Try clicking on “view on browser” at the bottom of the email you got with the finish line numbers. Mine were updated in the browser. Hope this helps!

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Disappointingly got the email with the same results despite some major improvements !!!
Needs a fix !!!

Unfortunately same for me - massive improvements but the same data as baseline ride :man_facepalming: contacted customer support and got the typical “will switch this conversation tone-mail so that we can have time to look into your issues”… never got a reply or email as promised.