Zwift academy 2022 - email

Hi guys
How long does it take for the baseline ride email to be sent?
I did my ride 24 hours ago - still waiting

A lot of people didn’t receive the e-mail. Look around here, you will find them. It’s quite frustrating. In the companion app I only the time for wach of the three segments but no further evaluatio or phenotype. So its not usable.

Yeah I didn’t get my email either.

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Did my ride two days ago……no email.

Is there any way we can request emails? - I did the baseline on the first night, got the broken email. Had to do-over on Friday, but no followup email.

4 days - no email :cry:

Did you try following the “view on web” link in the email? Some people report success that way, others not.

Good news - email arrived

Bad news - the numbers are all correct and I’m not W van A