Baseline Ride 2nd time

Hey all,

I just had a quick question. Did anyone do the baseline ride over for the second time? I felt like I didn’t gave it all the first time so I did the ride over. And I was wondering if you receive a new email when doing the ride over?

Have a great day!

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I done it Monday and got the blank email. Got the email to tell me there was an issue and i would get my email within 24hrs. Still not got it or one from the re-ride i done on Wednesday.

Assuming your Monday segment times showed in the companion app, did your second ride override those times? I never got the blank email or the apology. My email notif setting is on as well so no excuse there. Anyway, looking for some level of hope.

It did appear in companion app and after second time there was a dropdown on each line that showed both attempts. I just got my email (correct this time) but i dont know if it takes best time of both.

Thanks. That helps.

It sounds like it could be a good idea for the emails that go out to also include a timestamp of when the effort was done, so that folks know which ride they’re reading results from.

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Looking at it, i think the email i got was based on 1st ride. W/kg on sprint section is 3.7 more on second ride when we weren’t rubber banded.
Dont know if ill get another email based on second ride??