No email after ZA 2022 Baseline Ride

Undertook the ZA 2022 Baseline workout/ride Sunday morning (09/18). Completed the entire workout, went through the arch on way down from Volcano KOM and have all email notifications turned on. Strava noted two PRs and obtained a “breakthrough” on Xert. Logging into my Zwift Companion shows I completed the ride PR on Titans Grove Reverse KOM, but I have not received an email from Zwift re: phenotype etc… junk folder checked as well.


I’ve gotten this in the app but not email.


Thank you.

Joh-nathan where is this accessed in the app?

Check your email settings on the Zwift site. Is Zwift Academy 2022 enabled? If not, no email for you. If it is, then the email is probably delayed by Zwift.

As per my OP all email settings are toggled to receive all Zwift emails, announcements, etc…including those pertaining to ZA 2022.


Tap the Z ACADEMYROAD icon at the top left of you CA home page and it should bring up your three segment times and will update Baseline Ride and Workouts you have completed.

Doesn’t work for me. Tapping that logo does nothing. I do have the 13% crashing into my logo though.

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I’m no good on IT. It works for me, I’m on IPad Air 2 if that makes any difference.

I received the email today… time trialist?? ha!

In any case, I would love to know if there is an overall ranking on zwiftpower? The percentiles for each segment are nice but would like to sort/filter for age etc.

Anyone have an idea?

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If you are registered with ZwiftPower have you tried looking at the SEGMENTS tab?

Within the tab there are options to select most timed Zwift Segments, and certainly the three from ZA2022. You can compare to your own previous performances using the ME option or use the age and weight options to compare against others.

If you are not on ZwiftPower consider registering so then at least you can compare your Finish Line ride times, which will be better anyway😄

After doing the baseline on the 16th and then reading all this palaver about emails, I decided yesterday to not continue with the academy.

Then at about midnight, last night (19th), I received my email and much like everyone else, phenotype indicator says Sprinter.

Unsure whether to crack on or not.

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Why were you doing it in the first place?

What’s changed?

Those are the questions I’d be asking myself.


I think the phenotype classification is pretty insignificant really. It had me as a sprinter even though this was my weakest section!

You can definitely just do the academy and just try to beat your pb over the 3 segments.

Just doing the 6 academy workouts is not really going to impact your ability to beat your pbs unless you do multiple attempts at each workout or are doing additional supplementary workouts.

For me I just do it to break up my normal training plan and receive the unlocks.


You is a wise man, Mr. David.

I’m still a newbie to Zwift, even at level 40 and trying to immerse myself into the online world as I have no friends in the real world.

By starting, taking part and completing the academy in full, my life would have some meaning for a few weeks.

Fitness improvement?
Nah, but maybe seeing hard figures would keep me motivated.

But it’s the sense of community that I need.


Once every six months whether needed or not. Just like taking a bath. :grin:


I’ve heard that one, except it was every new year.

wouldn’t make sense to have a ZA2022 League so we can do comparisons and % within the people which opted into the academy?

Hi friends, I have the same - there are no answer after the Baseride done. Only in Zwiftpower its noticed that I had third place (screenshot is attached), but in wasnt a race, of course. What happened with mail, which I had to receive (about phenotype etc) ?
Event ID 3128582
Group ID 3790969
myZwift ID 1526522


It is so comical at this point. I have the EXACT same problem as you. I took the ride on 9/16 at around 4 pm eastern and have contacted support twice, and there is still no email.

Sure we can all say, who cares - It is just a game, etc. and in the grand scheme of things you are right. It is always something with Zwift even the smallest things, and execution is poor just about always. As much as I enjoy Zwift to relieve the monotony of indoor riding I am finding myself more and more considering if it might be worth my money to move elsewhere.

Every event has an issue, mostly large. How do we get the email or rider type sent to us again? And why wouldn’t you just put it in the companion app so we didn’t have to rely on email?