No email after ZA 2022 Baseline Ride

If Zwift could put up a chart for the three segments, then we could calculate our own efforts.

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Well, you can see all 3 segments on both Strava and in ZwiftPower, so technically you don’t need the email to see your w/kg on those 3 sections if you use either of those.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what they think my Rider Type is? That is all I am waiting for… One week into the biggest event of their year… And I am not the only one.

For sure. I still haven’t gotten my email either - or rather I did, but it was empty. I was an “!” with empty w/kg values.

I’m not here for an argument but I want to say ‘no!’

Why should we pay for Zwift then have to use other platforms (which we also need to pay for to see all the information) to see information that Zwift should be supplying?

Ok, you got me there but I don’t use a PC/laptop for browsing so consequently, ZP isn’t brilliant (I also find it slow to update with latest activity information)

Ultimately, we pay for Zwift.
Zwift needs to deliver what it promises.

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I don’t disagree with you here. I was saying that you still can get the w/kg info for those segments if you really want, but those are workarounds that people shouldn’t have to take - it totally is not ideal.

Some folks might not know that info does show up on ZwiftPower for instance. ZwiftPower does now use the same login as your Zwift log-in so that might be a temporary solution for folks who didn’t get the email and mainly wanted to see their w/kg numbers. In order to know your phenotype you would need something like, which is free (with suggested monthly donations), but again, not Zwift.

But at the end of the day, the whole email situation has been a mess, that’s pretty clear. I hope they learn from this that they should bake this information into the main experience along with the other information they currently show rather than rely on email which can be flaky for many reasons.

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That isn’t the point though.
The point is where do I stand in the overall?
Without the email am I at 90, 98, 99%
Tell me who the leader is.
It probably isn’t important to a lot of riders, but as a former top rider I want to see how I stand.

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I’m not even sure what the percentages in the mail mean actually. Is it 99% of people who are in ZA? I haven’t seen any extremely low percentages of any of the ones that were posted so I’m wondering if they are also including folks who aren’t in ZA - which would include folks doing those segments that weren’t going full gas… Do they split men/women? Or do they split it in any way at all?

It must be split because we sprint at around 10 w/kg while men hit around 14 I think for the sprint.
I found a good source of help at this link:

I believe it’s split by your stated gender, from the pool of people who have completed the baseline by the time you did the ride. Some people have reported that if you view the results on the web (link at the bottom of email) the numbers changed over time. By now the pool is probably pretty big so it may not change much.

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If you received an email about the baseline ride, the link is down at the bottom. If no email, no link.
Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 20.03.03

I can’t help you with where you stand in respect to Zwift Academy Road participants.

But Check out

If you want to see where you stand against other female Zwift users have you tried tapping on your ZwiftPower Profile 15 sec, 1min etc numbers.


Same for me (I have not received an email from Zwift). What’s the problem ?
@Zwift : Thank’s in advance for the answer