Forgot to turn on ZA email setting before baseline ride

Hi All!

I realized after my baseline ride that I did not turn on my Zwift Academy Email setting beforehand. I’ve been reading a lot of posts about people not receiving emails (this might have something to do with it for some people?)

My biggest concern is; will Zwift still send me my phenotype email after my ride? I have turned on the Zwift Academy Email setting now.




Why on earth would someone need to actively toggle an email setting for ZA? The whole point is to learn about ourselves as cyclists and evaluate/compare baseline rides! That aside, how do you turn on the ZA email setting?


Wait, that can’t be right…

Oh dear.

@Paul_Samuelson Go here:

(logging in if necessary)

I suspect Zwift was trying to do the right thing by not auto-enrolling people in new notification categories by default but - with Zwift Academy - people have to enrol manually to participate so it’s kind of the exception rather than the rule.

Maybe this would warrant a welcome email with the above link telling people they have to opt in to get stuff like their phenotype email.

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Yeah, I get it, but don’t recall seeing any instructions to do so. I could have missed it. In any case, mine was toggled on but I have yet to receive my ride report after completing it on Monday - anyone else here not receive there after several days?


thats infuriating. I opted out too after too much spam. redoing the baseline AND fitting in WO1 before the end of the weekend is going to break me

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That is very annoying.
Well done, Zwift.

If, and it is a big if, I continue with ZA and complete the program, will the final email contain the baseline information for comparison?

I just saw this thread about enabling email notifs. I just checked and mine is enabled already and I still don’t have a baseline email. I didn’t get a broken one. I didn’t get an apology like others are reporting. So, not feeling the trust.


I just got my results email for baseline ride I completed on Monday. Hopefully that helps gauge timing for receipt of theirs.

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But did you go through the arch on the way down the volcano? I saw the screen note to continue to the end, and thought that was sneaky. I did see some people disappear so I’m sure there were some people that dumped out thinking they were done. Yeah, Nope! Surprise!!

I went through the arch and then some. I also got credit in the app. Just no emails. :cry:


It would be great if the phenotype/stats were located in more than just an email. I had no idea Zwift Academy was a separate category for notifications. I’m really sad I did the baseline ride, but didn’t get an email because this notification setting was off. If these details were accessible by logging into Zwift on the web or via the companion app, that would be very helpful.


Like a lot of people I am also waiting on my email to after doing the baseline ride…

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Did the baseline ride 4 days ago and no e-mail.
Came here to check if I was the only one only to see this thread…

Guess what, all e-mail notifications turned off…

Please zwift give us an option to re-recieve the e-mail or make publish the results in the companion app.
This is really ridiculous.


Interesting as mine were all turned on and 31 hours later still waiting for my email, a mate mine said he received his 2 days later.

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I enabled the ZA email notif AFTER completing the Baseline Training upon landing on this thread after not receiving the phenotype email… Will I receive it now? You are doing a lot of things right, but user friendliness is not one of them.


Did the baseline without notifications on Tuesday. Turned ZA email on, on Friday and did the baseline again, and absolutely crushed it btw. It’s been 48 hours and no email yet.

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Haven’t received my ZA mail for my ride on thursday. But then again, I am not getting ANY emails from Zwift, although I’m opted in to receive all of them…

I emailed Zwift support and they replied back saying that some of the Data going out was incorrect.
I received my Data Email 3 days sfter doing my Baseline ride.

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