Lackluster ZA 2021 results

I still have a recovery ride to do, but I did my finish line ride this morning, and here are my results:

Short: 6.6% faster (1 second)
Medium: 3.3% slower (5 seconds)
Long: 0.5% faster (9 seconds)

I think that essentially constitutes “no change.”

How did everyone else do?

short - 1 second better 3.6%
medium - 9 seconds faster 4.7%
long - 61 seconds faster 7.6%

i’ll take it.

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I did the standard base and finish line rides.

Short climb was basically exactly the same
Sprint was more or less exactly the same

Both were within hundredths of a second and ± 3w of each attempt.

The longer climb up the volcano was 10 seconds or so quicker on the finish line ride.

Although the results on short efforts don’t reflect much change I feel a bit better in myself working around threshold after health issues early in the year saw my power drop and zwift power rating fell from B to D, I’m now back at B after these rides have given me decent 20min efforts.


Had a FD problem during my Finish Line Ride and it probably prevented me from doing my best so I’ll give it another go but same here so far.

Short: 0% faster (0 second)
Medium: 0% faster (0 seconds)
Long: 0.2% slower(1 second)

Admittedly I rode pretty hard this summer including long mountain climbs so probably not much room for improvement.


My Zwift academy results for standard finish line compared to baseline. I honestly didn’t think I would really improve, so pretty happy with my results.

6% faster on medium

4% faster on short

5% faster on long

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I was three seconds slower on the short but I cocked up the start. I was 22s faster on the medium section and 1min 28 seconds faster on the long section. Does that mean I’ve passed ?

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@john_doran1 Welcome to the forum.

If you completed all the workouts and group ride’s then you passed.

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just finished ZA - how do i know if my finished ride was better than basline ?

I just did the Finish Line ride for the Academy. Where is the side by side comparison to what I did for the Baseline ride? It should be easier than going back and hunting it down. That should be part of the program to do an actual comparison.

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Hi @Eric_Kratz

Welcome to the forum.

You can see it in the companion app.
Click Academy → AcademyROAD. Under the results you will see short, Medium and long. If you click on any of those you will se your past activity times.

Thank you.

I see the times but no other data like HR, Power, Cadence.

If you want to compare the whole activity you will have to look at the event on the website or you can look in Strava.

Hi I did the finish line ride just now and it’s not showing that I have done it on zwift academy so not comparing my times with baseline ride. It’s shown that I have completed it in my activities on companion. Is there a fix for those other than doing it again. It did the same on my academy baseline run which I had to do again

Yeah it’s a bit minimal. You can check it out in more detail with strava etc but it would be nice to have a bit more info in the app. Also, it says things like “if you’re relatively good at segment X, you are Y type of rider” but there’s no guidance as to what is relatively good and bad.

Look in companion app (or just look at strava etc).

We put in 6 weeks of work and then there’s no meaningful user feedback / reward / payoff at the end other than a simplistic time calculation - not even any kind of notification in the interface or email letting us know we’e completed it. This makes it so that the next time Zwift offers some kind of Academy, etc. I’ll feel much less inclined to do it, sadly.

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I agree it’s a bit of a shame there wasn’t a bit more advice, commentary etc. Having said that, I think the overall structure was much better than last time, when several of the “workouts” were really just testing different bits of the power curve, eg 8 min power, 4 min power etc. I thought the workouts were pretty good, albeit a bit too hard for me in parts (my FTP was set a bit ambitiously). And you do get to see your own improvement (if any), it’s there in the app.

The run academy also looks decent, I’ve started that. It’s bookmarked with a 5k run at each end which will make any improvement obvious enough.


Hey @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ , can you merge the other thread, Lackluster ZA 2021 results about ZA Finishline results with this one? Thanks!

Detailed data is in Today’s Plan, which all ZA participants have free access to during the Academy. It wasn’t well publicized. But the promised info about what kind of rider you are in terms of strengths and how you compare to other Zwifters is there in the dashboard. See Today's Plan: Today’s Plan & Zwift Academy.

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Interesting, so I created a TP accound and connected it to my Zwift account but the data is not getting populated, hopefully I don’t have to restart from scratch ? :wink: