Lackluster ZA 2021 results

I also just created a TP account and also have no idea what I’m looking at or how to orient myself to this. I also do not see my ZA rides, instead I see a bunch of rides that I do not recognize with my name attached (that I cannot click on). I am a software developer and this is the most confusing UI I have experienced in recent memory.

Where can you find the results now? Seems to have disappeared off the App

You should get an email shortly from Zwift which has the results and tells you what kind of rider you are. I got mine today.

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And in true Zwift style the email is short of info.

Is percentile top down or bottom up?
Against entire universe of participants in ZA in ‘21 of times of those usual sprints?
Would it kill them to include the actual times? L
Or Give a better dashboard to do comparisons by users ?

Big percentile is surely better (based on my results, “long” was best and they said TTer), I agree the info is a bit thin but having resigned myself to nothing it’s a step up from that! And fair enough they wanted to get all the results in before analysing.

I repeat myself, but I found it much more useful and enjoyable than last year and hope to see them build on that for future versions.

The intervals themselves, particularly the VO2 ones, are much more useful than last year which seemed mostly to be tests with a few real interval sessions towards the end. Weirdly their email classified me based on their percentiles as a sprinter (a 61-63 kg “sprinter”). For comparison the Wahoo Systm 4DP test classified me as a rouleur, although I suspect its just a nice way of saying I suck at everything.

Received my ZA Road email with phenotype description yesterday and am confused about the numbers used for the characterization. I assumed best performances from Baseline and Finish Line rides would make up the Short, Medium and Long Segment stats, but those in my email differ wildly from that shown on ZwiftPower. Does anyone know what might have happened here?