Zwift Academy Workout #1

Just wanted to say that I did the first ZA workout his morning and everything went seamlessly. Very organized, no crashes, and lots pain! Great job Zwift!


For the first part - Workout 1 was flaming hard
I failed …
Are they trying to weed out normal riders early

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I also really enjoyed the first workout - great to share the pain with hundreds of others!

One thing I was wondering about - the 8 minute average power test at the end of the aerobic profiling, will any calculations be made from that and sent to us? I was too shattered at the end of the 8 minutes to properly note my average power or know how to use that to calibrate my FTP.

Does anyone know anything further about how this might work?


If you also utilise Garmin Connect your intervals are shown as laps within the ride analysis. You can see your average power from there. There is also deeper interval data on Strava within the analysis section however i suspect this may be a premium feature only.


Dunno about that! :smiley:


If you do a workout Garmin Connect will show every interval as a lap.

If you don’t use Garmin Connect, but do you use Strava, then is a nice tool.

That was from my Academy workout. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously? Do you record with your garmin or do you let Zwift send to GC?

Ah, wait I see what’s happened. Yes, I go from Zwift to Strava to Garmin; but I also recorded it on my Edge 830 so I can get Training Effect etc.

I deleted the “Zwift” one, as it doesn’t show any TSS etc. so it’s not overall as interesting for me in Garmin.

With this revelation, now I need to keep both of them around. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a bit of a pain, It would be nice if GC will do the calculations for Zwift rides or at least merge the rides. That is why I don’t record with GC. I use Golden Cheetah for all my analysis.

Thanks so much for this - I had no idea Strava or Garmin tracked these!

Saves me having to remember my performance when knackered

Thanks for this Martyn. Very useful info. :grinning:

I enjoyed the workout but the group blob effect was super annoying - just let people go at whatever FTP levels they are. Small groups around similar FTPs would form.

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I also found it to be very sensitive to small inconsistencies in cadence and thus power and I ended up with a couple 1/2 stars where I very rarely do in normal workouts.

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Agreed, but a lot of people with lower FTPs would’ve felt bad that they were getting dropped and then would try to catch back up, resulting in a failure of the workout

Is the average watts from the 8 minute effort my FTP or do I need to multiply that by something?

Hi @J_Kuhnle_TAM-GR_MI

No the average of the 8 minute is not your FTP. FTP is the power you can hold for 1 hour.

you can multiply the average of the 8 minute test by 0.9 and get a approximate FTP. This is not the true 8 minute FTP test the true test has two 8 minute blocks.


I am pretty sure that FTP in Zwift is the power you can hold for 20 minutes.

Would it though? I can’t control my speed in ERG mode, the watts I am supposed to put out are generally those being produced. I think the groups woulda just even out over similar ftps.

I just found having 200 people constantly around me to be super annoying and hard to look at.