Strava and Zwift don’t agree on workout analysis

Does anyone else see a reversal of data between zwift workouts and strava’s analysis?

Last nights Le Col session was 4x7 min sweet spot blocks but the strava graph shows the incorrect data


Am I missing something :rofl:

how many watts did zwift say you did?
did the ride automatically upload on strava from zwift (connections)?
or did you record seperately on strava? in which case if no power meter hooked up, it will try and estimate your power and that is never accurate.

The watts are recorded by my kickr V5 and zwift was in ERG mode and on screen it was bang on for what the session required.
Zwift uploads to strava but something is getting messed up between zwift sending and strava showing.

It was definitely 7 min blocks at 250 with 2 min recovery blocks in between

That is a rather strange power chart on Strava. Since your data looks good on your Zwift feed I’d probably try downloading the fit file from your feed, deleting that activity from Strava, and manually uploading the fit file to see if it corrects the data. The Strava activity should be built off your fit file anyway so I’m really not sure why the power chart wouldn’t match up if it was synced from Zwift and not uploaded from a second recording, but lets see if we can get this one fixed then keep an eye on your next rides to see if it happens again.

I had a similar problem show up before. I wrote to Strava and they indicated that the Zwift Fit file had included my time riding before I started the workout as part of lap 1. That made all of the other lap events out of sync. I see in the first post on this thread that lap one was over 13 minutes but the workout lap one is 8 minutes. That maybe the problem – the time in the pen warming up is part of Lap 1.

That sounds like a really plausible cause, last nights session didn’t have a pen phase and that aligned correctly!

Cheers for your input :+1: