Data after race wrong and dq

Anyone ever had a glitch where the data it recorded after the race went crazy? i was in a race and it says i did 9.3w/kg for 5 mins, i didn’t! and didn’t during the race as i got shelled out of front group. How do i go about getting this corrected? any help appreciated.

if it can’t be corrected can it be removed please?

Send a note off to and they can sort that for you. Give them your ZP ID and ZP activity ID.

edit: 28.8w/kg 1min time…hahaha, good effort :wink:


Brilliant. Thanks for help.
Lol they’re only a little bit out🤣
The strange thing is strava doesn’t show those numbers so where did they come from. A glitch in the matrix I think.

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ZP is using your live data for some reason (activity marked as Private?). It should be using your fit file and that will be the same as Strava data. So if its not Privacy setting, then a Zwift glitch in the matrix would be my best guess.

At 28.8w/kg, it only looked like you were slower on screen because you’d actually sped all the way around the course and come back up from behind without realizing it.

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Check that your Zwift weight isn’t about 2-3 kgs?

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