Error in data calculations

Hi there,

Something appears to be wrong in the race result data on ZwiftPower.

My overall race watts/kg show 3.9 but my 20 min show 3.6 watts / kg.

Can you recalculate my results ?

Race link:events.php?zid=1644257

My profile:profile.php?z=207792

Attaching Zwift screenshots that shows my 20 min watts/kg at 4.26 watts /kg (307)

Your ZP result is currently using live data and not your fit file, so its likely your processed results will differ. I’m not sure why your results show as live data as it looks as though its processed everyone’s results in that race.

If you dont see this come right maybe in 24hrs, you will need to contact with details you provided above to see why the file isnt processing. Warning though - they seem to be working on a big backlog.

Is your activity public? If it is private, ZP cannot use the fit file AFAIK?

Thank you all fo replying and giving suggestions.

@Milan_Rost - yes it is public and be honest this is the first time in years something like this has happened. Nothing has been changed in years for. Only thing that I can think of being different was immediately after the race I checked the result (vs. 5-10 minutes later)

@Dean your analysis helps and hope they will process the fit file. Even when I step back and look at this the data makes no sense; how can one have a higher overall overage on entire race but much lower on the 20 minute effort. I have reached out to and I hope they will take a look at it. Gave it my all that race (regardless of the result) and was pretty happy with the numbers.

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Thanks to @Dean he pointed me to a thread with on-going issue and recommended to follow this thread.

Missing Live Data Update

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