Zwift workout numbers vs Strava workout analysis

Does anyone have any idea why these might be different i.e. ERG mode on Zwift means I should be hitting the required power unless I stop pedalling but the workout analysis on Strava looks very different

Your trainer can’t hold the power 100% there will be ups and downs due to pedaling difference.

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Hi Gerrie, thanks for coming back on this. Yes I completely agree but this normally results in small differences (up to 5W) but I have instances where the blocks are 2mins of 305W and 145W on Zwift but the chart on Strava suggests 230W and 218W.

I also had an instance where I needed to do my best average for 4mins and the screen on Zwift clearly showed 317W but the chart on Strava says 296W and only has the block lasting 3mins 51secs. I wonder if there are things that trigger the block to start and stop on Strava and these are misaligned to what actually happened on Zwift?

Hope all this makes sense!