ZA workout results?


Where can I see the results of my ZA workouts?

For example I did the 1 min power (workout 5) last night and I would like to see what my 1 minute power was but i don’t know where to go to find it?!

I’d also be interested in my 20sec power from workout 3 too.

I’ve looked in the companion app and on zwiftpower but can’t find them.


Hi Mike,

For that type of analysis you will need to use cycling specific analysis software. I would suggest getting the elevate addon for Strava (I am 90% sure it has what you are looking for) . My personal favorite is Goldencheeta.

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for your response. I’m hoping Zwift is able to publish this data as I don’t really want to have to manage another app/plugin and it is data that zwift has.


I won’t hold my breath for this, Data analysis software has been around for a long time and they are very advanged. I don’t think Zwift can compare to them.

If I can compare Zwift to Real life riding then Zwift will be the road/town and my Cycling head unit, from there I use other software to analyze my rides.
That way I have my indoor and out door rides in one place.

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You should have received a link to Today’s Plan and how to connect it to your Zwift account, it will have all your stats.