Analysis of ZA overall data

Today I finalized the Zwift academy. It was fun!
I am looking for a way to compare my overall results with others.
Not that I am anxious to get a pro-contract, but looking into age categories and see where I landed could provide a nice incentive (or not…).
Is that anyhow possible??

Are you talking about workouts or race results?

No I meant an analysis of the whole Zwift Academy program, so including the races. Not one by one, but a kind of overall review.

Short answer: no :upside_down_face:

You can get some age group comparisons of your power data by uploading your data to It will show you your percentile in your age group for different power durations. Not specific to ZA but it might give you some of what you want. You can link Zwift to Strava to automatically upload rides, and link Strava to You can also upload FIT files from Zwift directly to, so you could choose just the ZA activities and upload those.

Thanks Paul. Will give it a try!

For sprinting, check your times on the Libby Hill and 23rd Street segments.
For the workouts, it is more about your max efforts 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 8 minutes and 20 minutes.

Seems like a missed opportunity imho. Zwift already compiles, categorizes and grades the data for determining the finalists. It seems likely the data required for a final report is already available. Would be nice to share that with us on an opt-in basis

Yes Charles, that is exactly what I meant. Data are available, analysis methods must have been developed, so should not be too difficult to share…

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They tried this last year, emailing people what their phenotype is and some data from the Zwift Academy… as you might have guessed, it was a complete failure. People getting emails with blank data fields, or missing emails completely despite being opted in for emails from Zwift. It was a huge mess!


Adding it to the dedicated website page would be a better way of presenting this information. If we’re already used to tracking completion progress there, it makes sense to view results as well. Instead there’s just a generic completed message