Rankings in ZP

How are the results from the group workouts calculated? It seems unrealistic that an athlete with 1.3 w/kg reaches the third positionin the overall ranking. Is it possible or a bug?

The results in a timed event – whether a group ride or a group workout, are meaningless in Zwiftpower. Same would be the case if you attended an IRL spin class at the gym – nobody wins or loses.

Results there are pretty much only collected and displayed so you can look at power metrics if you so desire.

I assume you’re referring to the recent ZA “Finisher” workout. What is curious and not sure of the answer, is why ONLY the top 3 listed entrants show up with power metrics? Anyone listed below this point, all that data is missing, as is HR for everyone else – they can’t all be coincidentally opted-out of sharing HR data?

I updated the ranking and the final result looks much better. And all data is shown.

Interesting! You’re correct, the power values all show now, and the ranking seems to be in some type of order, but it’s not apparent what it’s sorted by. I could guess that maybe it is in fact sorted by the travelled distance for each rider over the fixed duration of the training ride (which would also be same ranking as average speed), but I am not aware this being done before.

Event ID# 3902178 if anyone’s interested.

I have fairly recently ridden three, non ZA, group workouts which use a mix of stay together and open free ride sections. These report on ZwiftPower exactly the same as these ZA workouts.

I suspect that due to the free ride elements it is possible to finish at different distances and that the ZP report is in a distance based order.

At the end of each workout ZP doesn’t automatically assign the Live data to the timed power analysis. A short while later when the results are updated with .fit file it then updates power analysis to everyone who has Activity Public. Those with private activities don’t get updated and end up with blank analysis for timed power.

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Since it’s a timed event the ordering is likely based on server sync time. Faster computers will be closer in ms to the actual workout duration.

For example, since I recently upgraded to a faster, modern computer I think I’ve been placed in the top 3 for every group ride and group workout I’ve completed