Why The Power So Different in Race Results

Hi, new to Zwift since April 2021. I was looking at my “race” results from this morning’s ride and I’ve been scratching my head about the drastic difference in the numbers with the people finished at about the same Rank number.

This was a 30 min time limit ride.

I am at rank 39 and the person just below me makes sense at 1.0 w/kg and myself 0.8 w/kg (which was exactly what I was going at from start to finish). But some people show they finished with 1.6 and 2.0 w/kg that’s double or more to do the same trip.

If this is just the last several minutes before finish, that makes sense, but if it is supposed to be the trip average, then I would like additional explanations. Again, I am simply curious.

What was the course?

A large part of the issue is probably big differences in weight between people. And also there are other factors such as effective use of drafting.

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It’s a timed group ride. The people with higher power no doubt rode off the front of the group and likely traveled a greater distance than everyone else but as Zwift doesn’t send distance data for timed rides to Zwift Power the results are, more or less, in a random order. The rank is therefore, completely meaningless. It does not represent any sort of finishing order.


What @Aoi_Niigaki said.

Timed events are random order.

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It was the desert flats, not even 100% all the way to the end. Almost no climb. So that’s another reason I was so much more puzzled. But looking at other answers posted, I would just now assume it’s random for this kind of event.

That also explains to me why sometimes the person just ahead of me when the time was up got in the list but not me.

Great info. It’s the distance info that’s totally missing. Now I know. I am not going to look at it any more in time based group rides. :wink:

They really need to include the distance though in the rankings for these events, because otherwise the rankings become entirely meaningless. I was wondering the exact same thing the first time I participated in a timed event.

That was a group ride not a race. Group rides is supposed to be as a group. no one “win” a group ride.

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