Zwiftpower vs zwift

I came second in Zwift but Zwiftpower puts me 22. Why?

Perhaps it was a points race? Check the event description. Ignore results in Zwift.

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That was not a race it was a group ride:

“This is a D Group Ride, not a race. Average watts will be between 1.8 to 2.2W/KG.”

I believe some group rides like to set them up so that all riders can see their position in relation to other riders. It also allows for ride leader to call out their own position on the road when they are asking for a re-group around them. Setting it up in this manner means that a race result is posted on your CA Activity report. If you look at both your race result on Zwift and your results on ZwiftPower you will see all riders finished with a time of 45:00 minutes.

Edit: group ride results on ZwiftPower are displayed in random order. I’m not sure how the Zwift CA race result is produced.

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It’s pretty straightforward usually – any “Ride” that is listed as time-based (eg 45min) will show Random placings in Zwiftpower. Any “Ride” that is distance based (eg. doing a specific route or X laps that might be some odd numbered distance) will usually show placings in Zwiftpower.

So anything with a clock symbol/time = no place. Anything with a ruler/distance = placings in ZP


Thank you.

Question - if it is a group ride set at 45:00 mins but with race results being produced on CA do the race results show an order based on who was furthest down the road when the 45 minutes elapsed ? Or are the race results, even though it was a timed group ride, in a random order albeit they may be in a different random order to ZwiftPower group ride positions?

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